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BTI is proud to offer installation and commissioning of the following:

  • Dental Cartridge Machine
  • PFFS Ampoule Machine
  • ISBM Complete Line
  • Autoclave
  • Close Mouth Ampoule Machine
  • Flow Wrapping & Labeling of IV Bottle
  • Labeling
  • High Speed Syrup Filling Line
  • High speed tablet bottle filling and packaging line
  • Fluid bed dryer
  • Walking Climatic Chamber
  • Packaging machine
  • Tanks

Additionally, we are proud to offer following as well:

  • Process designing and installation of manufacturing and process plant
  • Implementation of “Total Productive Maintenance” and “First Line maintenance” in fast pace manufacturing environment.
  • Implementation of 5S and lean six sigma in packaging machines.
  • Implementation of Zero Access Guarding on high speed packaging and processing machines.