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 Ultrasonic Washing

 With a vertical rotary drum structure, the machine adopts   mechanical   hands to  clamp and turn bottles, whilst the spray   tube carries out the   reciprocating   tracking   process. Taking   advantage of the ultrasonic   washing and water & gas   alternating   jetting washing, the whole   automatic production process includes   bottle feeding,   ultrasonic   washing, external washing, internal   washing and   bottle  discharging.   The   overall transfer process   simulates the gear external   engagement   principle. The   machine has features such as low bottles' breakage   rate,   good adaptability   and   stable running while there is no cross   contamination   of water   and gas pipes, so the machine fully meets the   GMP requirements



 Ampoule Filling Sealing

 The machine is mainly used for filling and sealing ampoules in   pharmaceutical plants in aseptic conditions.The machine adopts the   stepping type conveying system in the arrangement of 8, 10, 12, 16 work   stations with a balcony structure to send bottles with 8, 10, 12, 16   ones  in a group to each process. Procedures of separation, bottle   conveying, front nitrogen charging, medicine filling, rear nitrogen   charging, preheating, wire drawing, sealing, and so on are completed   automatically. The machine is suitable for filling and sealing of ampoule   injection in aseptic conditions.




 Tunnel Dryer

 With an integral tunnel structure, the machine includes three parts:the   preheating   area, high temperature sterilizing area and cooling area. It   adopts the hot air laminar flow disinfection principle to carry out instant   high temperature sterilization of the vessel. It is suitable for drying and   sterilization of ampoules, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles and other   medicinal glass bottles. The machine adopts the advanced PLC man-   machine interface control system.Through the man-machine interface   control, the operating status of the machine is monitored and the   requirements for production processes are met, while the combined   control of the operating status for both the cleaning and     filling equipment’s can also be realized to display the fault causes,   locations, simple eliminating methods, and etc. In addition, temperature   and curves can be recorded automatically.




 Transfer Cabinet

 The aseptic transfer cabinet is used for biological dirt removal treatment   on the exterior surface of materials, so as to prevent materials from   entering class A/B key regions from no-class regions/low-class clean   regions. Taking advantage of hydrogen peroxide in the gas state at normal

 temperature having better ability to kill microorganisms than that in the   liquid state, the saturated hydrogen peroxide vapor forms slight cold   condensation coating on the material surface that releases free hydroxyl   groups, which is used to attack microbial cell components including lipids,

 proteins and DNA so as to meet the requirements of complete   inactivation of microorganisms. The machine can be used for various   clean and dry objects that need to be transmitted during aseptic   production, for example, external packaging of packing materials,   instruments, vessels, packing of raw and auxiliary materials, fittings,   environmental monitoring equipment, and etc.






 Equipment adopts horizontal rectangular structure,304 or 316L stainless   steel chamber, and covered by the external plate that is made by draw-   benched stainless steel and the equipment is accessorized with standard   GMP verification interface. Industrial control system PLC+HMI has   standard “user management, data storage, process management’   function, the sterilization process can be traced back, with independent   data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data   accuracy. Optional remote computer monitoring technology makes   system application and maintenance more convenient.