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  Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM)

  IV Solution- ISBM Line

•  Low cost for machine and mold. Cost savings due to zero material waste 

• Simple operation, quick changeovers, and low maintenance. Lower energy consumption

   •  Production of recyclable packaging components 

• High level of transparency,which makes them more suitable for automatic optical inspection Final sterilization process in autoclave at 121 °C 

   • All product contact parts are made of stainless steel AISI

    316L,with FDA approved materials 

  • Flexibility over a wide range of filling volumes and     

  container shapes from   100ml - 1000 ml 

  • High production rates and line efficiency.


 Flow Pack Machine

 • Provides protection from light, moisture and dust. 
 • Suitable for packing a variety of solid shapes and  material. 
 • Can pack a variety of sizes, quickly and safely.
 • Package cut-off length can be calibrated by hand wheel.
 • All contact parts are made of stainless steel.
 • Optional electronic color code tracing device to make sealing   

    andcutting    positions accurate.
 • Suitable for any heat sealable laminated film such as

    Polyester/Poly,Polyester/Met, Polyester/Poly, Bopp/Foil/Poly,

    heat sealable BOPP and  Pearlised BOPP etc.



 Sachet (Liquide & Powder) Packing

 Automatically ultraviolet sterilization, can be a one-time bag

 forming, quantitative filling, sealing, cutting, date printing and a

 series of process operation is very simple; Packing of the   products  weight, heat   stability, packaging thermal bonding,

 bag length can be adjusted according to production needs, such as   the machine  with

 continuous high filling precision, simple

 and reliable, fast packaging, etc. The machine performance is   stable and reliable, low   failure rate, convenient maintenance;   

 The machine has compact design and is very reasonable,   nice  appearance,   covers   an area of less, the packaging of the   products, beautiful generous,   is the best   choice of the packets of   wine,have been popular with the general manufacturer for a

 long   time.







 Automatic folding (1-4 folding) and conveying of manual   leaflet,   automatic   material   categorizing and feeding;   automatic   manual   leaflet and material   carton packaging,   synchronous (3-   row) batch

 number printing, Automatic paper carton sealing, automatic waste-   products   eliminating. It   can   be   used for AL/PVC blister plates,   injection  tray, bottles,   ointment product’s   automatic   encasing.




 Light Inspection Machine

 The fully automatic ampoule injection impurity detecting machine is mainly

 used for automatic detection of visible impurities and seal faults of small   volume   injections, oral liquid bottles in pharmaceutical enterprises. With   advanced and   compact design, the machine adopts high resolution industrial   cameras for   multiple   camera shooting detection of the liquids, so that the   visible impurities   that may   exist in transparent or semi-transparent liquids can   be recognized and   detected fast   and accurately (such as glass shards, scrap   metal, fiber, white spots,   white blocks,   and etc.,). The machine can also   accurately judge if the filling   volume  is within the   permissible range. In addition,   the ampoule injection lamp   inspection machine can   carry out inspection of oral   liquid bottle caps. The nonconforming products can be   directly separated from   the dialing wheel without  entering the detection wheel disc,   so  that the inspection speed and precision can be greatly   enhanced to meet the   stipulations in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.


 Gravity Fall Metal detector

 With compact design and small occupied space, this type of metal detector is suitable   for the   detection of powder, granule or other forms of bulk products.

 1. The technical parameter above namely is the result of sensitivity by detecting only   the test   sample inside the pipe. The sensitivity would be affected according to the   products being   detected and working condition.
 2. Detecting capacity per hour is related with product weight, the value of the table is   according   to the density of water (1000kg/m3).
 3. Requirements for different sizes by customers can be fulfilled.


 X-ray Inspection System

 X-ray Inspection System takes advantages of the penetrating power of X-ray to detect   contamination. It can achieve a full range of contaminants inspection including   metallic, non-metallic contaminants (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard   plastic, etc.). It can inspect metallic, non-metallic packaging and canned products, and   the inspection effect will not be affected by temperature, humidity, salt content, etc.



 On-line high-speed, high-sensitivity, high-stability dynamic weight detection system,   which is suitable for packaging product weight detection to ensure quality standards.   Widely used in online weight check for food, agricultural products, medicine,   consumable and other industries.