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    Lab Work Table with Storage Cabinets.


    Steel support uses 40*60 cold rolled rectangular steel pipe, supporting

   column uses the same size steel pipe with two sides welded with cold 

   rolled  U-steel, the surface is plated with color zinc for rust prevention 

   and spray epoxy resin after acid washing, phosphitylation and electro-

   static powder by carbon dioxide arc welding to make acid-alkali resistant

   surface. The adhesion of   protective layer meets the requirements of

   drop impact testandstatic load bearing >250kg. Supporting column can

   be directly   hung   beside the cabinet without damaging the wall.



   Strong Acid-Resistant Lab PP Chemical Fume Hood


    It is a perfect match fume hood which have strong acid-resistant in   

   chemical laboratory. That’s a standard fume hood made of PP.  It can   

   prevent operators from contacting toxic and harmful gases. It is our hot

   sale product and usually it is equipped with the same material lab bench.

   Come to us and we will provide you a  personal plan of arrangement.

   Suitable for all kinds of high cleanliness lab such as: drug laboratory, food,

   laboratory, semiconductor laboratory, trace metal laboratory, biological 

   laboratories, etc., are widely used in chemical industry, medicine,   

   automobile, steel mills, universities and research institutes and other


   Rust Resistance Stainless Steel Lab Chair


   Rust resistance stainless steel used lab chair of lab fitting furniture,

   PU leather in the upper part, comfortable to sit on the back, stainless

   steel frame in the lower part, to a certain extent can play the role of

   moisture and corrosion, with a universal wheel structure, you can easily

   change the position, you can The height of the individual or the height of

   the test bench can be adjusted freely and humanized




   High Efficiency Automatic Movable Air Shower


   Metal modular lab furniture manufacturers with epoxy resin tops and             sinks ,used in university ,college,schools ,research institutes ,R&D

   center, government quality supervision and inspection department,

   hospital, food industry, water works, microbiology industry, materials

   science and engineering, cosmetic industry,chemical and physical

   technology department, environmental department, inspection and

   quarantine department, quality control processing, cosmetic industry,

   hospital, petrochemical engineering, pharmacy industry, gene

   development and research, agriculture industry and others industries.